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Water Chiller

This product is a five - plate hot air stove, a layer of one oven box, a 10 - disc hair box combined. Beautiful and exquisite, save space, simple and practical.

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Model: YXD-800A
Voltage: 3N~380V
Rated frequency:50/60Hz
Power:13kW(top 7kW+middle 4kW+down 2kW)
Oven temperature control range:0~300℃
Proofing temperature control range: 0~50℃
Weight: 290kg

1.      Combined with heating baking, hot air circulation baking, proofing and humidification
2.      This product is suitable for used in commercial baking of breads, cookies, etc.
3.      This product adopts microcomputer control, with fast heating speed, even temperature, time saving and power saving.
4.      The overheat protection device can disconnect the power in time when overheating, which is safe and reliable.
5.      With large glass structure design, high standard industrial art.


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