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Water Chiller

In order to meet the needs of baking customers in the market, our company specially launched this layered composite furnace, which can combine similar products such as hot air stove, oven and fermentation box freely to save the baking space, and at the same time satisfy the simultaneous production of multiple products.

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Model: YKZ-5A
Model: YXD-F30A
Voltage: 3N~380V
Tray Size: 400×600mm

Model: YXZ-10
Voltage: ~220V
Power: 5kW
Tray Size: 400×600mm

1. Heating baking, hot air circular baking, wake and humidification as one
2. This product is suitable for baking bread and cakes.
3. This product is controlled by microcomputer, with fast heating speed, uniform temperature, time saving and power saving.
4. The overheat protection device can timely disconnect the power supply when the overheat is over.
5. Large glass structure is beautiful, elegant, reasonable design and excellent workmanship.
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