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2 Pots Gas Open Fryer

Open fryers of OFE, OFG series are made of high quality 304 stainless steel, elegant and durable, automatically control time and temperature, convenient for the daily operation. The maximum frying temperature is up to 200℃. There is the oil filter system equipped inside the deep fryers, so the oil can be filtered for several times, extend the life of frying oil, improve quality of food, reduce the cost of oil.

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  Product name: 2 Pots Gas Open Fryer
Model: OFG - 322
Specified voltage: ~ 220V / 50Hz-60Hz
Energy: LPG or natural gas
Temperature control range: at room temperature to 200 ℃
Dimensions: 850 x900 x1130mm
Capacity: 25 L x2
Net weight: 212 kg

1. The computer control panel, elegant, easy to operate.
2. High efficiency heating element.
3. Shortcuts to save memory function, time constant temperature, easy to use.
4. A cylinder double baskets, two baskets were timed respectively.
5. Comes with oil filter system, not additionally oil filter vehicle.
6. Equipped with thermal insulation, save energy and improve efficiency.
7. Cambered fryer body, the heating surface is larger.
8. The deep cold area is reserved for the fryer body, which is easy to collect the residue and powder from the frying area.
9. 304 Stainless steel, durable.

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