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Vacuum Marinade Machine

This machine is made of stainless steel circular structure and it has beautiful appearance, timing function. It is unique and fashionable, convenient operation, small size, pleasing in appearance, uniform speed, good sealing, fast curing, power and other characteristic. It can be cured variety of meat and other foods, preserved that are not deformed.

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Product name: Vacuum Marinade Machine
Product model: YA-809
Specified voltage: ~220V-240V/50Hz
Specified power: 0.3kw
Mixing speed: 32r/min
Dimension: 953 x 860 x 914mm
Packing size: 1000 x 885 x 975mm
Net weight: 65 kg
1. Perfect sealing, oil resistant, anti-corrosive.
2. Equipped with motor over current protection, if the motor be blocked, the machine will cut off the power supply automatically in order to protect the motor. 
3. Adopts high quality motor, stable and easy to clean. 
4. Vacuum design, the marinating effects are more outstanding than ordinary ones, faster and more delicious, making ingredients into meat products more uniformly in order to achieve the best taste.
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