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Electric Counter-Top Pressure Fryer

The electric counter-top pressure fryer is a new product developed according to the popular products in European and American markets. The international patent number is 200630119317.3. This product is small in size, large in capacity, simple in operation, high in efficiency and power saving. It is suitable for hotels, catering and leisure snack bar.

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Product name: Electric counter-top pressure fryer  
Model: MDXZ - 16
Specified voltage: 220v-240v /50Hz
Specified power: 3kw
Temperature range:  at room temperature to 200 ℃
Work pressure: 8Psi
Dimensions: 380 x 470 x 530mm
Net weight: 19 kg
Capacity: 16L
1. The machine is small in size, large in capacity, convenient in operation, high in efficiency and power saving. General lighting power is available, which is environmentally safe.
2. In addition to the performance of other pressure fryers, the machine also has the explosion-proof non-explosive device. It adopts the matching device of elastic beam. When the working valve is blocked, the pressure in the pot overpressures, and the elastic beam will automatically bounce, effectively avoiding the explosion hazard caused by excessive pressure.
3. The heating method adopts electric temperature control temperature timing structure and over-heat protection device, and the oil relief valve is provided with specific protection device, with higher safety performance and reliability.

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