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Electric Chicken Pressure Fryer

This pressure fryer adopts the principle of low temperature and high pressure. The Fried food is crispy on the outside and soft inside, bright in color. The whole machine body is stainless steel, computer control panel, automatically controls temperature and exhausts pressure. It equipped with automatic oil filter system, easy to use, efficient and energy-saving. It is easy to use and operate, environmental, efficient and durable.

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Product name: Electric chicken pressure fryer
Model: PFE – 600L
Specified voltage: 3N~380v/50Hz (3N~220v/60Hz)
Specified power: 13.5kw
Temperature range: 20-200 ℃
Dimensions: 960 x 460 x 1230mm
Packing size: 1030 x 510 x 1300mm
Capacity: 24 l
Net weight: 135 kg
Gross weight 155 kg
Control panel: LCD control panel
1. Keys 1-0 can store the temperature and time required to fry 10 foods.
2. Set the automatic exhaust after the time is up, and alarm to remind.
3. You can choose manual mode or automatic mode
4. 5 heating modes can be set in automatic mode.
5. Switch between Chinese and English.
6. Switch to degree Fahrenheit.
7. It can be set with or without pressure at work
8. All stainless steel body, easy to clean and wipe, with long service life.
9. Aluminum lid, rugged and lightweight, easy to open and close.
10. Built-in automatic oil filter system, easy to use, efficient and energy-saving.
11. The four casters have large capacity and are equipped with brake function, which is easy to move and position.
12. LCD digital display control panel is more accurate and beautiful.
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