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2 Pots And 2 Baskets Electric Open Fryer

The OFE-28A double-cylinder and double-basket electric open fryer adopts the independent temperature control structure of each cylinder, and each cylinder is equipped with a basket for separate temperature control and timing control, which is suitable for simultaneous frying of different food. It works the same as the open fryer OFE-322, but uses much less oil than the OFE-322. This fryer adopts electric heating mode and the heater adopts lifting and moving structure to facilitate cleaning of oil pollution. When the pull heater leaves the oil level, the switch will automatically turn off the heating power, thus protecting the heating pipe from the risk of dry burning. The heating and timing of this oil fryer are controlled by microcomputer, and have such procedures as oil melting, cleaning, idling, oil filtration, cooking and blasting, alarm, etc., which can be set by users according to their own technical requirements and operation process. Enter the password, and you can set and correct the factory parameters.

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  Name: 2 Pots And 2 Baskets Electric Open Fryer
Model: OFE -28A
Specified voltage: 3N ~ 380V/50Hz
Specified power: 2*8.5kw
Temperature range: at room temperature to 200℃
The highest working temperature: 200 ℃
Oil melting temperature: room temperature to 100 ℃;
Cleaning temperature: room temperature to 90 ℃
The limit temperature: 230 ℃ (overheating automatic protection)
Timing range: 0-59 '59"
Capacity: 2*13L
Dimensions: 890*515*1015 mm
Gross weight: 125 kg

1. Computer panel control, beautiful and elegant, easy to operate.
2. Efficient heating element.
3. Shortcuts to save memory function, constant time and temperature, easy to use.
4. Double cylinder and double baskets, and time and temperature control for two baskets respectively.
5. Equipped with thermal insulation, save energy and improve efficiency.
6. The uplifting electric heat pipe is easy to clean the pot.
7. 304 stainless steel, durable.

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