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Warming Showcase

Display type warming showcase adopts the high efficiency heat preservation and moisturizing design, which can make food evenly heated and keep fresh and delicious taste for a long time. Surrounded by Plexiglas, the food is displayed well. Beautiful appearance, power saving design, low price, suitable for medium and small fast food restaurants and pastry bakeries.

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Product name: Warming showcase
Product Model. : DH-660     DH-900
Specified voltage: 220V/50Hz
Specified power: 1.84kw
Temperature range:  20 ℃-100 ℃
Dimensions: 660*437*655mm      900*434*655mm

1. Luxury appearance design, and the structure is safe and reasonable.
2. All sides of heat-resistant Plexiglas have strong fluorescence and can show food in an all-round way, which is both beautiful and durable.
3. Moisturizing design can keep the fresh and delicious taste of food for a long time.
4. Efficient thermal insulation design can make food evenly heated and save electricity.
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