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Single-door Prover

This single-door fermentation box, with hot air stove, is convenient and practical. Adopt stainless steel material, conform to food hygiene and safety. Temperature-resistant and moisture-resistant circulating fan, intelligent temperature and humidity control program controller, control external electric-heating steam generator, make the temperature and humidity in the waking room reach the optimum ratio, precise control.

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Model: YXZ-32
Voltage: 220V/50Hz
Power: 6.0kw
Trolley: 2
Temp.Range: room temperature~60℃
Dimension: 910×1360×2050mm

1 stainless steel material
2. Foam insulation and good insulation
3. Computer panel control
 4. Use electric heat pipe to generate heat and steam, and through hot air circulation, make the fermentation environment with relative humidity of the wake box 60%-90% and temperature of 30-38
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