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12 trays Gas Convection Oven

The gas-fired hot air circulator can be used to bake a variety of bread, cakes, poultry and pastries. It is widely used in the canteens of food factories, bakeries, government offices, units and troops, as well as the food baking of individual food processing factories, cake shops and western bakers.

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Model: YKG-12
Temperature range: room temperature-300℃
Tray Size:400*600mm

1. This oven use far infrared metal electric heating tube as energy source, and the heating speed is fast and the temperature is even.
2. Use the blast type forced hot air circulation heating, use the heat transfer effect, shorten the heating time and save energy.
3. Set air volume adjustment and humidification device at the outlet of hot air.
4. The appearance of the machine is beautiful, the body is made of stainless steel, and the material is excellent.
5. The overheat protection device can automatically disconnect the power supply at over temperature.
6. The double-layer tempered glass door structure is intuitive with built-in fluorescent lamp, which can observe the whole baking process.
 7. The insulation layer is made of high-temperature fine cotton with good insulation.

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