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Convection Oven

It is suitable for baking bread and confectionery food for commercial use. It has the advantages of even baking, high thermal efficiency, good insulation performance, small size and simple operation

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Model: YKZ-5D
Temperature range: room temperature-300℃
Tray Size:400*600mm
 Net Weight:130kg
1. The machine is elegant, made of stainless steel, with excellent material.
2. Use far infrared metal electric heating tube to heat, hot air circulation, fast heating speed and even temperature to make the heating surface of baked food complete.
3. Low consumption and energy saving.
4. The overheat protection device can automatically disconnect the power supply at over temperature.
5, furnace temperature can be controlled within the scope of 50 ~ 300 ℃ and arbitrarily, simple easy to operate, stable performance.
6. The furnace is equipped with a steam humidification device.
 7. Large glass structure, intuitive and elegant.

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