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Dough Sheeter

Sp-500 pastry machine, special motor drive, bidirectional pressure plate. The machine works stably, has the protection cover, the security is reliable, has the shape novel, the solid appearance, the performance is reliable, the automation strong and so on remarkable characteristic, is suitable for the west bread house, the hotel, the restaurant, the unit dinning hall and so on presses the noodles slice use.

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Rated frequency:50HZ
Rated power:0.75kw
Water proof grade:1P×1mm
Axis width:520mm
Overall size:2430×880×1230mm
Package size: 1000×760×1680mm
Net weight:280kg
Gross weight:300kg
1.      Suitabel for crisp skin series, crisp cake series, and pressing paste
2.      Oil immersed design, the pressing wheel is specially treated, not sticking to dough, and not easily being scratched.
3.      Minimum thickness of dough can reach 1mm
 4.      Folding structure, easily moving and saving space.
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