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Planetary Mixer

B系列食品搅拌机,它具备和面、搅和碎状和液伏物料等多功能。设有三档变速,用户可按不同要求,选择适宜的速度,获取满意的效果。本机具有单相和三相可供用户自由选择,机内接触食品的部件均采用不锈钢、铝合金或经特殊表面处理。 B series food mixer, it has many functions such as kneading, stirring and crushing and liquid materials. With a three-speed transmission, users can select the appropriate speed according to different requirements and obtain satisfactory results. The machine has single phase and three phase which can be freely chosen by the user. The parts in contact with food are made of stainless steel, aluminum alloy or treated with special surface.

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Planetary Mixer
Capacity: 25kg flour / 50kg dough
Hook speed: first speed 135rpm, second speed 270rpm
Cylinder size: inner diameter of 546mm, inner depth of 350mm
Power: mixing hook 3kw, stirring cylinder 0.7kw
Cylinder speed: the first speed is 17.8 RPM, and the second speed is 17.8 RPM
Weight: 320 kg
Size: 930*600*1250 mm
Voltage: three phase
1. Dough drum: the mixing drum is made of stainless steel, firm and easy to clean. The stirring barrel is equipped with a net, which is user-friendly.
2. Dough hook: with large outer diameter and fast mixing speed, the dough is not cut off during stirring, so that the temperature of the dough increases slowly, water absorption is increased, and the quality of the dough is delicate and elastic.
3. The machine body and top cover: humanized operation panel can be changed at any time with timing function and adjusted according to different demands, making this mixer a good helper for your work. The machine shell is made of steel plate, bent and welded to form 
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