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This series of mixer blender and stirring barrels can operate at the same time, using spiral mixer, mixing to regiment reinforced high sex, into the furnace expansion force, save the production cost, double speed partner, barrels have positive &negative, convenient operation, can control freely mixing time, simple to use, easy maintenance, is a good assistant of the bakery, apply to the dining room, restaurants and manufacture all kinds of the dough.

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Panel: mechanical
Voltage:~3N 380V/50Hz
Power: 1.5/2.4kw/h
Mixing speed: 115/230r/min
Bowl speed 10/20r/min
Bowl thickness:2.5mm
Overall Dimension:
Packing size:
Net weight:230kg
Gross weight;250kg
1.      Barrel: high grade 304 stainless steel barrel, solid & durable, easy to clean, equipped protecting cover above the barrel, safer for worker.
2.      Stir hook: Large outer diameter of stir hook, high speed, never cut off the dough tissue, increases the amount of water absorption, increase flexibility, ensure the quality of dough.
 3.      Machine body and cover: humanized operation panel, you can transform any operation, according to different needs to adjust the timer, let the mixer to be a good helper for your work, welded chassis with steel bending, special antirust treatment for body, never rust for machine, using the electrostatic powder coating easy to clean, durable, long life.

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