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Planetary Mixer

The mixer and mixing barrel of this series of dough mixer can be operated at the same time, adopting screw mixer, which has high rigidity, good expansion capacity in the furnace and saves production cost

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Planetary Mixer
Capacity: 50kg flour / 80kg dough
Hook speed: the first speed is 125rpm, and the second speed is 250rpm
Cylinder size: inner diameter of 672mm, inner depth of 389mm
Power: 4.5kw stirring hook, 0.75kw stirring cylinder
Cylinder speed: 17.2 RPM at first and 17.2 RPM at second
Weight: 385 kg
Size:1120*750*1300 mm
Voltage: three phase

1. Kneading drum: the mixing drum is made of advanced stainless steel, firm and durable, and easy to clean. A safety net is specially installed on the stirring drum to make the user safer at work.
2. Dough hook: with large outer diameter and fast mixing speed, the dough is not cut off during stirring, so that the temperature rise of the dough is reduced to the minimum, and the water absorption is increased, making the dough delicate and elastic.
3. The machine body and the lid: humanized operation panel, can be arbitrary operation transformation, timing function, according to different needs time to adjust, let this blender become the good assistant of you job, chassis using steel plate bending welding forming, the fuselage through special antirust processing, won't produce embroidered, using electrostatic powder paint is easy to clean, durable, long service life.

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